Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Posted by Fiona Campbell - Primary School Lead Artist
Following on from the first Workshop (see below), plans for the second were similar.  My wire workshop followed swiftly on from a session about the Great Crane Project run by Great Crane Project volunteers, all of whom remained with me to help the children with the workshop and train for later workshops which they would be delivering themselves.

The High Ham pupils were younger - years 3 & 4 - so despite the success of Friday's Workshop, I did have concerns about whether they would be able to manipulate the wire and tools sufficiently, with effective results.  Again, expectations were exceeded and I was very impressed by their sensible yet enthusiastic approach to the 2 hour session.  They knew their stuff on cranes - put to the test during the introduction - and produced some delightful line drawings for their templates, based on crane imagery (as in Workshop 1).

It was good to see a few bulrushes appear in this workshop - a little simpler to construct but very strong forms nevertheless!  Some very dextrous twisting, connecting and pattern-making emerged from young fingers - with a little help from adults.  Zigzag patterns and spirals suggesting feathers or wings were beautifully created, and most students managed to complete their pieces - with a mammoth final effort in the last 15 minutes!  


All students, in both Workshops, seemed to have been very proud of their work as we discussed it at the end, leaving with a great sense of achievement in their creations.  I hope most will manage to see their work on display next year at Somerset Art Works 2011.

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