Thursday, 25 November 2010

Second Community Workshop - Art in Nature - Sat 13 November 2010

Our second community workshop at the West Sedgemoor RSPB Reserve provided participants with an exciting opportunity to not only see the cranes feeding, but also flying, quite a sight!  After a morning session out on the reserve the afternoon was spent creating crane-inspired artwork under the guidance artist Kitty Hillier. 

Kitty gave instructions about mixing paint colours and creating a variety of tones.  No black paint was provided so dark colours had to be mixed using available colours.  This created some beautiful effects and it was amazing to see the colours of the landscape and  'mood' of the open moor and expanses of sky reflected in the art work.

These images are from the 13 November workshop (see previous posts for images from 25 October).  Look out for an exciting installation of the life-size painted crane cut-outs in Somerset Art Weeks Autumn 2011.

Damon Bridge introducing the Great Crane Project
Beautiful landscape inspired art work

Talking about the art work is an important aspect of the workshop

Cranes propped up against the wall to dry

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