Saturday, 27 August 2011

Short Breaks Workshops 16 and 23 August 2011

These workshops were a unique opportunity for young people with a disability and their families to join SAW and The Great Crane Project to discover the wonders of cranes.  Together we explored the wetland habitat at Greylake Nature Reserve in the morning.

Reserve visits led by Damon Bridge, Roger Lucken and Ethne Conlin

On the way to the Hide
Hilda made everyone a sketchbook to record drawings and observations
Learning about the wetland habitat and The Great Crane Project

The afternoon was spent at nearby Othery village hall, creating crane-inspired artwork under the guidance of professional artists Hilda Vaughan and Kitty Hillier.   

As well as painting life size crane cut-outs there was a range of paper-based activities

At the end of the afternoon each person showed the group what they had made. 

The artists were amazed at how engaged everyone had been throughout the day and some truly fantastic art work was created.  Well done everyone!

Look out for the Somerset Art Weeks exhibition at Muchelney Abbey, showcasing art work from this project.


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