Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Take Part in SAW’s Paper Crane Project with Artist Lucy Lean

Individuals and Somerset school and community groups are invited to take part in SAW’s Paper Crane Project led by Artist Lucy Lean. 

Hundreds of paper cranes will be made of recycled paper and drawn together for a huge installation at Slimbridge Wetlands Centre during the Summer and then at The Avalon Marshes Centre at Shapwick during Somerset Art Weeks 2012.  If you would like to contribute to this collaborative project please contact SAW for further information and instructions:
01458 253800  info@somersetartworks.org.uk  

Guide for size and materials to make Paper Cranes for this project: 
Use any recycled or used waste paper (but not newspaper)
Each square to be accurately cut 20cm x 20cm
Each participating school/group/individual may like to choose paper, or mark it, in a way that will identify their cranes 

A Somerset Art Works (SAW) Project in partnership with The Great Crane Project

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