Friday, 3 August 2012

Crane School Workshops

Engaging with local schools is an important part of our work.  

Othery School workshops
Artist Kitty Hillier led crane cut-out painting workshops at Othery and Slimbridge schools, developing the Slimbridge/Somerset link existing within The Great Crane Project - the crane eggs are hatched and reared at Slimbridge before being brought to Somerset for release.

Students learnt how to mix colours, to work together in pairs and groups, to plan their designs and collaborate creatively

Creating art works to be showcased around the village

Lucy Lean led a series of paper crane making workshops with Schools in Somerset and also Slimbridge school in Gloucestershire. 

Project assistant Belinda Brownlee at the Slimbridge School workshops held at WWT Slimbridge Wetlands Centre

Beautiful charts kindly donated by the UK Hydrographic Office Taunton made into large paper cranes

Lucy Lean helping students

Damon Bridge gave a talk on cranes and brought in a stuffed crane ( a real young crane that had met an early demise, slightly creepy!)

Painting workshop with Slimbridge School

Paper Crane making at Sunny Hill Prep, Bruton School for Girls

SAW thanks Bruton School for Girls for sponsoring Lucy Lean's role within the project.

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