Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Company of Cranes

Illuminated Crane - Melanie Tomlinson

Somerset Art Works (SAW) has appointed acclaimed illustrator and metal-worker Melanie Tomlinson as lead artist for our 2013 arts programme, working in partnership with The Great Crane Project, Ash Primary School and partner European schools.

Melanie will develop her own artistic response to her involvement with the The Great Crane Project, run workshops with local and European Schools and, with the support of Somerset Film, widen the project's reach by developing interactive online resources for schools.

The Company of the Cranes has its own blog where you can follow Melanie's progress as she travels to Germany collecting Crane eggs with the Great Crane Project team, delivers workshops at schools in Somerset and in Europe, observes crane hatching and rearing at Slimbridge, exhibits art work at Slimbridge Wetlands Centre 16 June – 05 August and in Langport Somerset during Somerset Art Weeks, September 21 to 6 October 2013.

Zoetrope workshops at Ash Primary School May 2013

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