Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Company of Cranes Online Resources

‘The Company of Cranes’ is the work of artist Melanie Tomlinson who was commissioned by Somerset Art Works and The Great Crane Project in a project funded by Arts Council England to help raise awareness and support for the reintroduction of the Eurasian Crane to the Somerset Levels.
Melanie took the project on an artistic journey designing and making beautiful hand printed pre-cinema objects, including zoetropes, praxinoscopes and finely detailed illustrations to narrate the cranes’ journey from Brandenburg in Germany to Somerset.  

Somerset school children make crane masks
Funded by InspirED Somerset, Melanie has spent the last month delivering crane-inspired workshops in 13 Somerset schools and from this she has developed a free online Company of Cranes resource pack designed for schools, groups and families. 
The resources aim to nurture independent study and creative skills, build self-confidence and understanding of conservation and the environment. The website www.thecompanyofcranes.net includes an Interactive Map where you can upload and share your work.

“The online resources offer an exciting opportunity to learn about the Somerset cranes and surrounding wildlife, creating fun art at the same time!  Choose from a selection of carefully designed activities that are accessible to all ages and offer creative and interesting engagement for schools, community groups and families.  In fact anyone anywhere, interested in the beauty and diversity of the Somerset landscape and its flora and fauna is welcome to join in.” Melanie Tomlinson.


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