Tuesday, 4 November 2014

We are Celebrating!

Join Somerset Art Works and The Great Crane Project on Saturday 22nd November at the Willows and Wetlands Visitor Centre in Stoke St Gregory to mark the fifth anniversary of an inspiring project that aims to reintroduce Cranes to the Somerset Levels.

North Curry School Workshops - photos: Davina Jelley
An iconic bird, the crane has been featured in art throughout the centuries and yet has been missing from our landscape for the past 400 years - until now, surely that is worthy of a celebration?

Artist Sarah Butterworth, from Emerald Ant, has been leading workshops with schools and community groups - from the organised chaos of willow, tissue and copious amounts of glue, some amazing sculptural forms have emerged. 

Pupils from Stoke St Gregory and North Curry Schools have been creatively engrossed in constructing dragonflies and headdresses, whilst Heathfield School have made some striking theatrical costumes. 
The school workshops have been supported by InspirED Somerset

Two large Crane sculptures  took their initial test flight under blue skies, however the clocks have now changed and the evenings are now far darker, which is just perfect, as all the sculptures require the night sky to reveal their true glowing potential as illuminated lanterns.

Throughout the five year partnership of Somerset Art Works and The Great Crane Project, diverse artistic projects have created quite a buzz amongst the many participants and the Somerset community has embraced this characterful bird back into their lives - all wishing to witness the first pair that will breed and go on to successfully raise their young.

Dioramas - Huish Academy with artist Melanie Tomlinson
Throughout the afternoon you will also be able to see work from an earlier project, artist Melanie Tomlinson and pupils from Huish Episcopi Academy created colourful dioramas depicting the Cranes that are at the centre of all these celebrations. 

The procession with illuminated lanterns, music and dancing is on Saturday 22 November at 4.30pm at the Willows and Wetlands Visitor Centre, Stoke St Gregory.

For a procession to be truly celebratory and uplifting you need music and this is to be provided by The Big Noise Street Band and Stoke St Gregory School Band.

Admission is free and the afternoon promises many attractions for all ages to share and enjoy as the procession is part of the annual Christmas Craft & Food Fayre which runs from 2 - 5.30pm.

Hope to see you there!

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